Monday, February 28, 2011


Another month is finished and my sock monkey count is now at 59. Only 306 to go! So, in all their glory, I present to you, the February batch. Of course I had to get in on the picture - Sock Monkeys are rather bossy and when they say "take a picture with us", you do what they ask... Getting 28 Sock Monkeys to settle though is a bit of a challenge and I had to bring Barney the Sock Troll in - he managed to get them under control. No one messes with a Sock Troll. They even kept quiet long enough for Amadeus to pass out in the middle of them all - hey, can you spot the baby? Sorry, couldn't resist...
On to another month of sock monkey mayhem. Keep reading and commenting folks and if you find a cool pair of socks in your travels, send them my way!

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