Friday, February 18, 2011


MARTY:  Born - February 16th. Marty was born into a high class family of extremely wealthy Sock Monkeys. They invented the "sock bag" which all your socks go into BEFORE they hit the dryer. This invention was a huge success as it cut the "missing sock" toll down by half. Unfortunately for Marty, he was their guinea pig and after one too many rounds in the dryer, he is no longer the "brightest bulb in the pack" (if you catch my drift....).
CULLIN:  Born - February 17th. Cullin is involved with the schools "Million Project" and used to help string beads in groups of 1000 with the Sock Monkey students. He constantly needed to be supervised though as he could only count as high as 71 and continually had to start over. This of course caused delays and problems with the student body so Cullin now simply cuts the string on which the beads are strung and everybody's happy.
SOPHIE:  Born - February 18th. Sophie holds the title for the 2000 Olympic "Tug-of-War" division and proudly displays her medal on the back of her toilet.  No one will ever be able to challenge that title either as this division was removed from the Olympics after her event. Nobody knows why exactly but I hear it has to do with certain participants greasing the opponents side of the rope in order to win. I also heard it was banana grease, which everyone knows makes sock monkeys weak....

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  1. I am LOVIN' it! The monkeys are almost as awesome as the bios!!