Thursday, November 28, 2013


RIZZO: November 2013: Rizzo is a young Sock Monkey learning how to farm ant hills for Aardvark consumption. Why you may ask? Well, did you know that there are starving aardvarks out there? Who is taking care of that issue? No one. Rizzo has started a campaign to raise money, awareness and fund his ant farms. You can send your donation to "Aardvarks Matter Too" through the website: Thank you for your GENEROUS donation!
WOOKIE: November 2013: Wookie is generally on the receiving end of ant farms and delivers them for Rizzo. While he is quite happy to be a part of this magnificent effort, he's getting a little tired of dealing with broken ant farms through the mail and trying to find every escaped ant. Wookie has taken to bringing a starving aardvark with him when he reaches the post office and while this makes his life easier, the post office workers are starting to protest. Did you know that they can get as large as 180 lbs??? Not fun to deal with in a tiny post office when it's on a hunt for ants...
Author's note: The above website and campaign are just fictional (although if you feel inclined to send money, I can give you my address -oops, I mean an aardvark shelter address...). If you try the website though, it will take you to a radio station in Texas called Aardvark Rock FM. How cool is that???

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MO - for "Movember"

MO: November 2013.  Mo is amazing. He is covered in moustaches and grew one just for Movember. He is a donation to a wonderful coffee shop (She Takes The Cake Cafe) that will use him for one of their draws and help promote Cancer awareness at the same time. You rock Mo!