Tuesday, November 27, 2012


FROGGER: November, 2012. Do you remember playing "leap frog" when you were a kid and somehow you'd always end up being the first in the line of all the frogs and last one to get to jump everyone? By the time it got to be your turn to jump, all the other kids were restless and would either look up as you were jumping over and "can" you OR, they'd flatten out as you were about to put your arms on their shoulders to jump and you'd end up crashing in to the next kid - who would beat you up for falling on them? No? You don't remember that? Oh... Well, Frogger rocks at leap frog.
JONATHON: November 2012. Jonathon is named after the book "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" written by Richard Bach. A story of a seagull learning about life and flight - kind of his sermon of "self perfection". Anyway,  a fantastic read and highly recommended on the "Jessica Faves" list. Now, back to why I named him after this character. If you look closely at Jonathon, he is patterned with seagulls. Of course my mind went to "Finding Nemo" at first, you know, all those seagulls and the "mine! mine! mine!" scene BUT, I made it past that and ended at Jonathon Livingston Seagull. I won't bother you with how long it took to get there and what lay in between but, I am glad it ended where it did. Does it ever end though? So many seagull references and so little space to blog in...

Saturday, November 17, 2012


ELVIRA & MURDOC: November 2012. Take a good look at these two Sock Monsters and be a little envious. These two have been married for a long time and STILL absolutely adore each other. They never argue. No one belittles the other one. They are not sarcastic to each other. Neither have a bad word to say about each other and respect is high on their list of "ways to love each other". They continually renew their vows and enjoy each others company. When they're apart - even for a moment - they are desperate to get back to each other. Yup, it's all rather inspiring to see. Makes you want to work a little harder at your own relationship. Or, it makes you want to run them over with you mountain bike and watch them go round and round in the wheel spokes as you ride the most harsh trail you can find....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


ICHABOB: Born - November 2012. Ichabob used to deliver newspapers to the downtown area for a living which ended quite tragically one morning. Ichabob had forgotten to eat breakfast and as he was pedalling along, throwing papers to doorsteps, his tummy started growling. Well, like any normal Sock Bunny, he found a garden patch and decided to pull a few carrots to eat along his route. Not a big issue EXCEPT, the garden was in Old Man Chester's yard... Needless to say, Ichabob made it out with his life but also with a ton of buckshot in his rear end, a lost bike, no newspapers to speak of and of course, no job.  The moral of this story? Eat your freakin' breakfast!!!
HONEY: Born - November 2012. Honey eats breakfast every day and never has issues with her tummy grumbling and is a very "regular" rabbit (if you catch my meaning...). With all that fiber in her belly and goodness running through her veins, Honey hits the ground running and doesn't stop until bedtime. Oh yeah, she also took over Ichabob's job and does it in half the time. He's not bitter.
BONO: Born - November 2012. Never mind eating breakfast, this Sock Bunny might become breakfast if he doesn't stop eating all my Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops!! I've got you figured out Bono...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


CANAAN & MARTY: Born - November 2012. These two wonderful Sock Monkeys are WalMart Greeters and take their job quite seriously. No one and I mean absolutely no one makes it through the local WalMart without being greeted by these two characters. If for some strange reason you actually get by them, they will hunt you down in the men's underwear section and come up with several humiliating ways to greet you. If you think being leg humped by two Sock Monkeys is cool, well you just go on ahead and avoid these guys at the door. You"ll be left wondering if you were just inappropriately assaulted or very "fondly greeted"...
Author's note: Don't worry - you're safe. There is no local WalMart here...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


DONGLE: Born - November 2012. Dongle likes to dongle his set of "donglers" in front of unsuspecting innocent old ladies and let me tell you, his "donglers" are quite the dandy donglers... Most of the elderly ladies around here don't mind him dongling the donglers as they've never seen a pair of dongles quite like that before - which is why you don't hear reports over your scanners about some sick sock bunny with a set of huge donglers scaring little old ladies. You do hear about it at "Ladies Night Out For Seniors" at the library though...
LACEY: Born - November 2012. Lacey is Dongle's sister and follows him around mostly to beat the little old ladies off him. Don't judge.
Author's note: NO little old ladies were hurt or otherwise visually assaulted during the writing of this fictitious biography. AND, get your mind out of the gutter - I never mentioned what the "donglers" actually were now did I?


MOXIE: Born - November 2012. Moxie captures wild donkeys and tames their adventurous spirit. 
BENEDICT: Born - November 2012. Benedict sells the donkeys that Moxie tames to the circus and roving Gypsies to use as pack mules.
SANTAGO: Born - November 2012. Santiago steals the donkeys that Moxie trains and Benedict sells, from the circus and roving Gypsies so they can be wild and live freely in the wilderness....and unfortunately become easy bait for large predators...
Author's note: I don't think there are wild donkeys out there...just an observation.