Tuesday, February 8, 2011


LAUREN: Born - February 7th. Lauren is a quiet and soft spoken Sock Monkey. She really doesn't say much at all. We can only assume what her past was like as she rarely talks. I hope it wasn't too tragic. Although, there are rumors that Lauren is the one who accidentally opened the cage that started the "Great Sock Monkey Massacre of '82". Guess we'll never know....
WOODSTOCK: Born - February 8th. Woodstock...yup, the name pretty much sums up this Sock Monkey. An old hippie-rocker from way back who took far too many "medicinal" products in his prime. Woodstock enjoys lazy days - which is everyday and loves watching "CHarlie Brown" reruns on TV. His favourite character? Well Woodstock of course!!
BEEKER: Born - February 9th. Beeker was the first Test Tube Sock Monkey created that turned out surprisingly normal. His eagerness to help and please people is always appreciated. Aside from his fascination with lab rats and human organs, he's a great guy to have at parties. Oh yeah, if he asks you if you still have your liver, just say no....

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