Thursday, February 24, 2011


BELLA: Born - February 22nd. Bella is a colorful Sock Monkey made from a pair of socks I found in a bin for .63 cents. All I could think of as I was paying for them was what an odd amount to charge. Could it have been someones favourite number? Perhaps an employee was turning 63? Maybe the store had 63 pairs of socks to get rid of. I DON'T KNOW! These are questions that plague my mind.  I know Bella knows the significance behind "63" but she's into mind games and loves to watch me suffer. Maybe 63 is the amount of times I throw Bella against the wall before she starts to talk.....
MIKE: Born - February 23rd. Mike's official duties remain unclear to me but I am told he is a "Molecular Biologist." I failed Biology in school and am amazed at anyone who actually studies biology and molecules and then makes a career out of it. BUT, what does Michael do exactly? Really. Do molecules need biologists? More questions... It seems like a waste of 8 years of Sock Monkey University to me, but what do I know? (that's a rhetorical question...)
STUART: Born - February 24th.  Stuart is the proud owner of a large gumball machine that sits on top of his desk at work. He uses the gumballs as part of his "incentive program" for his employees. Stuart owns a chimney sweep business and it's NOT easy convincing the monkeys to crawl up the chimneys and clean. They do love their gumballs though and will pretty much do anything for one. It's better than the electric shock therapy Stuart was using before....just saying....

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