Wednesday, March 28, 2012


FOGO: Born - March 2012.  Fogo came to earth on the mother ship called "Caprica 1". He was originally from earth BUT, was taken by aliens as a young pair of socks. Not knowing what to do with socks, the Aliens searched our Internet, found my blog and did what they could to copy what I do with socks and came up with Fogo. Not a bad job if you ask me. I wonder if they'll work for cheap making all my sock monkeys...hmmmmm...
KAMI: Born - March 2012. Kami was outside walking his sock dog when he heard some crying in the bushes. Being a curious Sock Monkey, he checked it out and that's how Fogo was found. Kami helped Fogo out of the bushes, cleaned him up and brought him home to my Sock Monkey Mayhem - just what I needed, another stray. HOWEVER, being the sweet person that I am, I welcomed Fogo in and Kami has been his mentor and friend since that day, helping him to learn our earthly ways. Good on you Kami!
IKOE: Born - March 2012. Ikoe befriended Kami and Fogo as he has always dreamed of meeting an Alien of sorts and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn all about them. Unfortunately, as Fogo was just a pair of socks when he was on the mother ship and only made into a Sock Monkey days before he was dropped on earth, he doesn't really have a lot to tell about Aliens. He did give Ikoe one important piece of information though. Aliens LOVE Girl Scout Cookies - and NOT the chocolate, only the vanilla ones. This information my friends could be significant in an Alien invasion. Just think, a war won with cookies not guns...
Author's note: I think we should go into mass production of Vanilla Girl Scout Cookies and arm every household with a box or two. Of course, I don't know how effective this would be as when cravings hit, what do you think will get eaten first? The stinkin' cookies of course and then where would we be??!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


MANSELL & DUNDEE: Born - March 2012. These two lovely characters are Sock Goblins of course - NOT to be confused with Sock Monsters. Sock Goblins will get quite nasty with you if you accidentally confuse them with the Sock Monsters and heaven forbid you call them a Sock Troll!! You see, Sock Goblins feel they are a superior race - above the trolls and monsters... I'm not so sure about the "superior" thing but they do play better practical jokes AND can karaoke a lot better than the rest. Mind you, in a battle, Karaoke and practical jokes aren't gonna get you far. This is probably why the Sock Goblin population is quite low. Just an observation.... 

Friday, March 23, 2012


SYBEL: Born - March 2012. Sybel had a career in bubble gum engineering. It was quite a prestigious career and she was at the top of her game. Her job of course was engineering the highest quality of gum and in particular, ensuring optimum bubble producing gum. This was all fine and dandy until the day one of her test monkeys blew a bubble so large that when it popped, it engulfed the entire facility which in turn caused major melt downs, malfunctions, equipment failing, general all around surface damage and stickiness and inevitably, loss of production, loss of money and loss of jobs. Talk about a sticky situation! Sybel no longer works as a bubble gum engineer....
MONA: Born - March 2012. Mona was the test monkey that blew the bubble gum up. This monkey has one hell of a set of lungs and now works as a compressor....

Sunday, March 4, 2012


CASSIOPIA & PERSEUS: Born - March 2012. This lovely Sock Monkey couple own a cattle ranch in Texas. Every morning they get up at the crack of Don - oops - I mean dawn, and head out on their scooters and round up the cattle for their daily lessons in algebra. The cattle don't seem to really get the equations and the general answer is "moo" so I'm not too sure why Cassiopia and Perseus continue trying to teach the cattle. At one point they thought they had a break through when a young heifer mooed three times to a question that the answer was "three". However, they later found out she was just messing with them and wanted to amuse the other cows. Damn cow.
ANYWAY, I think Cassiopia and Perseus are going to pursue a different line of education - Physics. Good luck you two!