Friday, February 11, 2011


ARDENE: Born - February 10th. Ardene rhymes with sardine. She and her brother Schmoyster spent alot of time avoiding school throughout their childhood... Come to think of it, I would too with names like those. Don't parents think before they hand out names?  Anyway, that about sums up Ardene.
ETHEL & CHESTER: Born February 11th & 12th respectively.  Ethel and Chester are a happily married Sock Monkey couple who met at a convention for "Kids With Really Bad Names" and have been lovebirds (or lovemonkeys) ever since. Actually, that's where they met Ardene. The three monkeys hit it off and now work hard at promoting "Good Name Calling" to expecting Sock Monkey couples everywhere. In their spare time, Ethel and Chester play in the local Backgammon league while Ardene sits at home with her brother Schmoyster and plots revenge on all the Sock Monkeys that teased them in their childhood. I'm kidding! Really... they just hang out and come up with thoughtful and beautiful "Jessica"!

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