Sunday, February 6, 2011


DAITA: Born - February 4th. Daita was sent to me from my lovely cousin Caitlind. He came with his own story which I will share with you. 
           "Daita is from outer space. He loves cats, painting and watching Star Trek."
That's all folks. Short and sweet - think I'd better leave it that way instead of embellishing his story... Thanks Caitlind!
CHEX: Born - February 5th. Chex held the title of the 'World Checkers Champion' for many years. He was undefeated until some upstart from "Bacon Cove, Nfld." whooped his butt and stole the title. It was not a pretty sight watching a grown Sock Monkey cry on National TV.  Chex has now taken up 'Connect 4' and will only play with children under the age of 3.
LOLLIPOP: Born - February 6th. Lollipop is one of the loveliest Sock Monkeys around. She will do absolutely anything for a friend - including cut and streak your hair for an afternoon of your company. Her smile is always genuine and welcoming. Lollipop rocks and we totally love her!!

Author's note: Wow - I didn't have anything bad to say about Lollipop. Odd.  I think I'd better do some more research - everyone has a skeleton in their closet somewhere.....

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