Thursday, June 30, 2011


Brinn, Mr. Chubs & the Sock Monkeys
Hello again my loyal followers and readers. Today marks the end of another successful month of Monkey making. The above picture is my lovely niece, Brinn. She happened to stay an extra few days after a family wedding and helped me out by agreeing to be my Sock Monkey model for June. AND, if you notice on her lap, in between the two monkeys is a sock owl. Brinn picked him out of a stash I had made last year and called him "Mr. Chubs". Out of her bag she grabbed him and in to the picture he went!
On another note and just to keep you in the loop, this weekend is the Bikers Annual Toy Run and I will be donating the last 3 months worth of Sock Monkeys to their cause. I am hoping to get some great pictures of the monkeys and bikes - should be interesting!
Thanks again to all those who drop socks off to me - I appreciate every pair! A big thanks to my niece Brinn for being my model (and Mr. Chubs). Keep reading and commenting folks - so nice to hear from all of you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oliver & Harley

A close up....
Different angle - notice the Harley Caps...
OLIVER & HARLEY: Born - June 30th. These two characters have been created for the Hay River Annual Toy Run. Every year this amazing group of Bikers gather as many toys as they can and ships them off to children in need.  I will be donating my next batch of Sock Monkeys (approximately 70) to this cause with hopes of making a child smile! Harley and Oliver (as far as I understand) will be auctioned off at their wrap-up party this coming weekend.
Harley is a Sock Monster. He has the coolest Harley Davidson leather vest and cap that were found at a Flea Market in Edmonton and I had to restitch it to fit him. He also has horns, a beard AND a fang. He may look a little mean, but he's just a big ole teddy bear - I mean Sock Monkey inside. As for Oliver, he IS a Sock Monkey. Once the cap was attached to his head, he looked like an "Oliver Twist" character, hence the name. I found a Harley Davidson patch and lovingly created a t-shirt for him and stitched the decal on.
Oliver and Harley are good friends and enjoy riding on Motorbikes of ANY kind. They will have your back in any situation and are there to keep you safe. Harley knows about 14 different kinds of Karate and Oliver, well...he just bites. Great team to have on your side should you ever need it....
I hope whomever purchases these two this weekend will enjoy them as much as I did creating them!


DAVIDA, SETH & TENIELLE:  June 27th, 28th, 29th. These three sweet looking Sock Monkeys were donated to my cause by three lovely young kids that make my heart laugh. They are none other than, Davida, Tenielle and Seth - my co-workers kids. When I started this project, their mum was one of the first to send socks my way and of course they were named for her kids. If I could say there were easy socks to work with and proportioned correctly, these were some of the best ones. So a very big thank you to Orlanda, Seth, Tenielle and Davida for the lovely socks that are now really cool Sock Monkeys!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


PAULIE: Born - June 24th. Paulie is into renovating. Yes, he is small but this Sock Monkey can move mountains. Literally. He doesn't renovate homes, he renovates jungles, mountains, valleys, countrysides, cities, lakes....I think you get the idea. The Andes Mountains were actually in England at one time - Paulie took care of that. The Grand Canyon used to be in China. Yup, that was Paulie. You don't even want to know where the Seven Wonders all originated - you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Paulie is a busy little monkey...
SKEETER: Born - June 25th. Skeeter comes from a long line of Platypus hunters. His family can trace back over 400 years of Platypus extinguishing. Approximately 75 years ago though, the "Save the Platypus" Society came into existence when they discovered only 39 Platypus left in the world. Within 3 years, Skeeter's family livelihood was ended and the Platypus population began to thrive again. While his family no longer hunts the Platypus, they still "shoot" them with the camera lens and are now avid wildlife fans. You see, bad things can turn to good things!
TATER: Born - June 26th. Tater is just a nickname for potato WHICH this specific Sock Monkey happens to love!! "Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew" was actually Tater's favourite line and became famous when Golem used it in the "Lord of the Rings" movies. Come to think of it, I wander if Tater gave them permission to use that line. Hmmmmmm, I will have to ask him. ANYWAY, Tater loves potatoes - it's all he eats.....ever. Yum!

Monday, June 27, 2011


HINKLEY & KRICKET: Born - June 22nd & 23rd.  Hinkley and Kricket are a lovely young couple that have just recently immigrated to Canada from England. These two monkeys have decided they would like to be nannies and help raise human children. They have both recently upgraded their First Aid and also love cooking, reading, are fluent in Latin, Spanish, French and Russian, and play every sport imaginable. Hinkley and Kricket would be perfect Nannies and hope to be gainfully employed in the next month. Not only will they educate your child, keep them active and well read, they will also teach them to climb trees, swing by their tails and - WAIT! Humans don't have tails....hmmmmmm. Okay, forget the swinging part. Your kids are gonna love bananas.
Should you wish to interview these two for a possible position, just leave a comment and I'll let them know. Then I'll call social services.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


SNOWY: Born - June 19th. Snowy is a rare Sock Monkey who lives in the very cold regions of Greenland. There are only a handful of these monkeys left in the world today and Snowy is the youngest. He loves to romp in the cold, have snowball fights and  climbs trees with branches loaded with snow. When an unsuspecting human walks by, Snowy will jump up and down and release all the snow from the branch, giving you a very cold snow shower. Brrrrrrrr!!
BARRY: Born - June 20th. Barry is a lead singer to a local group called the BoeJoes. There favourite genre of music is disco of course and they can be seen performing weekly in Vegas. Barry started his career in the shower (like most normal people) and one day entered a local talent contest. After winning, his career took off and he and his fellow band mates play all over the world in Disco bars. Their outfits are outrageous and so are there stage antics. Even if you don't like disco, you should watch them just to catch their act - it's worth the banana bunch entry fee.
McQUEEN: Born - June 21st. With a name like McQueen you'd think he'd be a race car driver or something like that. Sadly, McQueen is only a race car "watcher".... like most of us.... This does not deter McQueen from daydreaming about becoming a NASCAR driver - except when he daydreams while driving his station wagon into a tree. Not good McQueen....

Saturday, June 18, 2011


PAIGE: Born - June 16th. Paige is a fortune teller. She can look at your hand and within 10 seconds have your life mapped out for you. It's kinda creepy but man can she peg you! She knows your deepest and darkest desires...that's right...all of them. You will find all your futures blogged on her blogspot "" - especially the really twisted ones. Check it out - your future awaits you...
GRACE: Born - June 17th. What can we say about Grace? She is this amazing Sock Monkey who commits her time to fighting Monkey diseases in countries we haven't even heard of yet. Grace flies in with her crew and administers lifesaving immunizations to Sock Monkeys world wide and still finds time for all the little monkey orphans. We could all learn a little humility and compassion from Grace.
TATIANA: Born - June 18th. Tatiana is a stripper at the local bar the Monkey Tail. Mostly she strips down to her undies and then proceeds to do the "happy dance" for anyone who will throw some bananas her way. Tatiana has an old mother to support who needs medical attention on a regular basis. We all know how expensive medical bills can get (and old mothers...). Anyway, you should catch her act and support a good cause. You won't be disappointed.
Author's note: The blogspot "" does not exist - I checked. As a matter of fact, it states that if you want, that name is available to use on Feel free to use it - could get entertaing...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


MACDONALD, TUPPER, BENNETT, PEARSON, ABBOTT & TURNER: Born - June 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th &15th respectively. These handsome Sock Monkeys are named for six of our past Prime Ministers - surnames of course. Please don't judge them simply because they have Prime Minister names - in no way do they have anything to do with how each individual Prime Minister governed over Canada. As a matter of fact, if these young sock monkeys could be Prime Minister today, Canada would be an interesting country to reside in. For example, free banana daiquiris for everyone, chandeliers on outside street lights, banana trees growing on every street corner, no one would have lice or bugs, you'd learn how to use your feet just like your hands etc....I mean, the list is endless!  Who cares about money? Currency could be banana peels or small reptiles (hey - it's a delicacy among certain Monkeys). ANYWAY, if Sock Monkeys ruled in Canada, life would be very different and in no way short of entertaining. Just a thought....

Saturday, June 11, 2011


THADEUS: Born - June 7th. Thadeus is a serious young Sock Monkey. So serious in fact that it's hard to get this monkey to crack a smile. We took him to Yuk-Yuks one night with the hopes that he wold unwind a little and laugh a lot. However, though he did smile a few times and even out right grinned once, we did not get any laughter out of him. I think our next attempt will be tickle therapy. This new treatment is supposed to be the best out there and we only want the best for our Thadeus. Really, who ever heard of a serious Sock Monkey?
LINCOLN: Born - June 8th. Lincoln is a girl Sock Monkey, let's get that cleared up first. Her brothers Nixon and Reagan like to tease her and make her think she was supposed to be a male monkey not a female - typical sibling spats.... Lincoln takes it all in stride and fires back with the fact that she's named after one of the greatest Presidents of all times while Nixon was involved in the Watergate Scandal and Reagan was a washed out actor pretending to be a president. Way to fight back Lincoln - don't take crap from your siblings!!
BETHANY: Born - June 9th. Bethany, what a lovely name for a lovely Sock Monkey. Bethany is kind and very sweet. Her quiet manner is welcomed in a room full of rambunctious Sock Monkey. When all hell breaks lose, Bethany is the voice of reason and can calm any situation down in seconds. Bethany used to work as a Bouncer at the Zoo, but got tired of dealing with monkeys well into their banana daiquiris... I don't blame her - those monkeys can get a little crazy when they've had one too many. Yup, crazy sock monkeys everywhere....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


TRON: Born - June 4th. Tron is actually a transformer sock. The title on the sock is Bumblebee HOWEVER, in NO way does this character on the sock look like Bumblebee - not from the recent movie or from the old TV series. Therefore, my son and I just named him Tron for "auto-trons." Tron the Sock Monkey thinks he can transform into a cool car but really can only transform back into an old pair of kids socks. Actually, he can't even do that as I cut the pair up to make him so he'd just transform into a pile of sock parts....
KLAUS: Born - June 5th. Klaus is originally from Transylvania. His family goes way back to the days of Count Dracula. As a matter of fact, his great, great, great, great grandfather was the original Sock Monkey that Count Dracula had as a little boy. That's right, they would stay up all night in his coffin - I mean crib, and play games with bats and spiders. All very creepy I know but fun. One day, Klaus hopes to visit his ancestral home and get re-acquainted with the Dracula family again.
LOLA: Born - June 6th. know the song "Lola" by the Kinks? Happens to be Lola's favourite song in the whole world. Why? It's all about how Lola's lips "taste just like cherry cola" and Lola the Sock Monkey loves cherry cola chapstick. She will seriously grab an entire tube of this stuff and smear it all over her mouth - whatever is left in the tube, Lola will eat. Makes me want to hurl but for Lola, it's a meal. Anyway, try not to play that song around Lola otherwise you'll have to buy her cherry cola chapstick and we all know where that story goes....

Saturday, June 4, 2011


JACK, STEVE & JEFF HANSON: Born - June 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively.  Named for the infamous "Hanson Brothers" from the 1977 classic movie "Slap Shot", these brothers are quite the hockey players. Known for their antics on the ice, Jack, Steve and Jeff all love starting fights, interrupting their coach in the dressing rooms and just generally being the "Enforcers" out there on the ice. I thought since we were into the Stanley Cup Finals, why not throw these lovable Sock Monkeys in there for fun. These sport socks were donated by "Mr. D. and actually came from Japan! So, as you watch the finals over the next two weeks, try to get in some movie time and rent "Slap Shot." It's worth the three dollar rental....