Monday, February 21, 2011


ELWOOD: Born - February 19th. Elwood has watched the movie "Blues Brothers" so many times, he can recite each character's lines word for word, mimics all the songs, does the dances and can sing "Rawhide" backwards. Elwood also has a pet rock named Jake. Just a little obsessed....
KATEY: Born - February 20th. Katey is a weed farmer. NO! Not that kind of weed silly!! Just your every day run-of-the-mill weeds. She farms the weed and sells it to the Government who in turn plants it along all our highways here in the north. C'mon - everyone knows that the northern weed looks really nice when it's mowed - especially in our yards!
JACQUE: Born - February 21st. Jacque hails from "Saint Louis-du-HA-HA" in Quebec and works as a Laughter Therapist for victims of Ostrich attacks. That's right, Ostriches. You may find his laughter a bit crazy sounding but compared to being attacked by an Ostrich, it's quite comforting. You can hear him laugh on his website:

Author's note: Yes, another made up website, and again, I checked it out. You know where it took me? To a YOUTUBE video of "Family Guy Ostrich Re-Mix" - which in my humble opinion was just plain stupid...

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