Wednesday, October 2, 2013


POLLY: October 2013. Polly knows one song and one song only, which she sings over and over and over until you have to physically grab her by the tail and whip her around a few times in order to make her stop. She's not a bad singer and actually has a sweet voice but if I hear the song "Polly Wally Doodle All Day" one more time over and over again, whipping her around by the tail may not be the only thing that happens to her... Find another song Polly!
EREBUS: October 2013. So, did you know that the actual meaning of "Erebus" is all about "the place of darkness between earth and Hades"?  Well I didn't. Now that I do though, a few things are making sense. For instance, I now understand why Polly is afraid of Erebus and why he threatens her every time she sings. Telling someone you're going to send them to your "namesake" if they keep singing isn't that scary until you figure out what they are named for. I had better enlighten Polly and maybe we'll all get some peace and quiet.
FLORENCE: October 2013. Florence actually likes the song "Polly Wally Doodle All Day" and has been known to clap along or sing with Polly. She's also been known to hang from the ceiling fan with a package of macaroni bologna that she shreds and throws at unsuspecting people while yelling "It's a direct hit, I repeat, a direct hit!!". We are not sure who she's relaying that message to but, if you're in her line of fire, duck.
Shredded macaroni bologna doesn't smell very good when it's been stuck in your hair for a day and you had no idea...