Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Who's the cutest, wittle poopskie boo-boo in the whole world? Who's my wittle schnookie's? Who's got the sweetest wittle facey-wacey?  Oh yeah, and Amadeus, you're pretty cute too....

Okay, okay - that wasn't very nice of me was it. I mean what kind of a grandmother am I anyway? The above is another way I give my grandson reasons never to move back home.... KIDDING!! He's such a good sport - totally didn't mind Barney the Troll hanging out with him (club ready) and me making goo-goo noises to get the picture. Yes, I made goo-goo noises....don't laugh.

Georgie's note: Once again, Amadeus's mother was in the room and not only participating in the "goo-goo" noises but laughing her ass off at me trying to get my very serious grandson to crack a smile. Not an easy task...

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  1. Well, Amadeus does come from a long line of straight men.... (I meant that in the comedy sense).