Tuesday, February 15, 2011


BUFFALO JOE: Born - February 13th. Buffalo Joe was named for a rather famous pilot and entrepreneur here in the north. He dreams of one day meeting his namesake and becoming his personal co-pilot and making an appearance on the new series "Ice Pilots". Hmmmm.... maybe we can make that a reality, after all, Joe is my neighbor....
RAVE: Born - February 14th. Rave is the Sock Monkey you see attached to the disco ball in the 1977 hit, "Saturday Night Fever", starring a very young John Travolta. Rave was chosen over 6500 other sock monkeys that auditioned, only because he could hang on to the disco ball the longest. Check it out -  just don't blink or you'll miss his scene.
DEE-DEE: Born - February 15th. Dee-Dee's real name is Dingleberry Droopeysocks. Her parents were kind enough to shorten it for her but wouldn't change it as it is a family name. Dee-Dee is a singer at the Monkey Tail Bar and is renowned for her version of "Oh I don't want her, You can have her, She's too fat for me". However, one can only sing that song so many times before an "innocent bystander" can't handle it anymore and throws a bottle of gin at the stage and starts a riot - which of course involves the Sock Monkey Police - NOT a good scene. 

Author's note - I was NEVER there that night - don't believe anything these sock monkey's tell you. I DID NOT throw the first bottle and certainly didn't hurl insults at the overweight cop....nope, not me - I am an innocent bystander in this mess....

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