Friday, July 27, 2012



So, why the two photos and no separate bios? Well, just relax and I will tell you why. I just woke up and happened to look outside my window and what did I see??? My '69 Chev pick-up parked at an odd angle, covered in muck and a flat tire on the passenger side. As I looked it over to inspect what else could be wrong, the strong odor of bananas was throughout the cab and upon further investigation, an empty bottle of banana tequila was found under the seat. 
Now I'm not one to assume things so I took the bottle and entered my room where my Sock monkeys live and stood there looking at each one with a rather stern look. It didn't take long for Lewis to crack under my glare and the whole story was soon revealed. 
Seems Mr. Toto got into the tequila and decided they needed more. How do you get more? Well, you drive to the local Sock Monkey bootlegger and buy more. Sussex, Hampton and Pax were also well on their way to having too many and thought it was a marvelous idea. Lewis was freaking and tried to talk them out of it but to no avail. So, Lewis drove (as he was the only semi-sober monkey), Pax navigated (Lord help us), Sussex and Hampton dealt with the gas pedal and brakes (it all makes sense now) while Mt. Toto climbed on top of the cab and did the PeeWee Herman "Tequila" dance while flippin' off everyone they drove past.
Now, how these five Sock monkeys made it there and back without seriously harming someone or themselves AND didn't get stopped by the cops, is a bloody miracle. I'm sure someone out there must have seen the whole sad mess unfold and probably has it posted on You Tube (guess I'm surfing the Web today). In the meantime, these five are cleaning my truck from top to bottom and will be locked in the closet at night. Little bastards...  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


DIXIE: Born - July 2012. Dixie likes to think she's a Sock Monkey pixie. What this entails we're not quite sure BUT, she does own a pouch which houses her "pixie dust". Every now and then, Dixie will take a small pinch of her pixie dust and snort it - OOPS! I mean blow it - yeah, that's what I meant. It dances in the air all glittery like and everyone around her gets happy. No snorting going on with this sock monkey, only happiness...
WAVERLY: Born - July 2012. Waverly once got ahold of Dixie's dust and decided to blow it at his pet armadillo Mr. Tibbs. Well, that was a day I'll never forget - nor will half the people in town. Mr. Tibbs got VERY happy and proceeded to get naked and run through the local grocery store singing at the top of his lungs "I'm Too Sexy for my Shell". Have you ever seen a naked armadillo?! Not a pretty sight. Waverly is still paying for my therapy...
PEARL: Born - July 2012. Pearl is currently investigating Dixie and her "dust". So far she has discovered the dust is made from the powder of dried mushrooms with a healthy dose of glitter. Dixie insists she harvests the mushrooms herself and they are just your average side-of-the-road fungus and not some "magic mushroom". Not too many Sock Monkeys believe her though and Pearl sure seems anxious to help Dixie harvest them. Hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


CHARLES: Born - July 2012. Charles likes to take thumbtacks and press them into the soles of peoples shoes while they're not looking. Most of the time no one notices that there's a tack in their shoe until they happen to throw it off in a hurry and it lands upside down. As you remove it, Charles laughs sadistically to himself and makes a plan for the next "tack attack". You are a sick little sock monkey Charles.
NATHAN: Born - July 2012. Nathan was created with a small flaw in his tail. You don't notice it until he becomes angry but, he can shoot dried navy beans from his tail. Not kidding. AND, if you've ever been zinged with a dried navy bean, it stinkin' hurts! I've decided to take my bee-bee gun out of retirement and use it on him if I have to. Fight fire with fire... or in this case, beans with bee-bees. I'm watching you Nathan. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


JACQUE & HENRY: Born - June 2012. These two cousins are most definitely from the Sock Monster family and are currently seeking female companionship of Sock Monster orientation. Actually, they're really not that picky - you could be a really cute Sock Monkey and they'd be happy to take you out and get to know you. Truthfully, you could just be an old pair of socks left on the side of the road somewhere and they'd still be happy to hang out with you...
Seriously though, all they want is someone who appreciates their fine looks and monsterly physique. Someone who will hug them and squeeze them and NOT call them George. You can answer their ad in the local paper this week and by next month, you could be well on your way to the most amazing relationship of your life! Come on - who can resist these guys?? 
Author's note: If you did not get the whole "hug them and squeeze them and call them George" reference, then you did not watch enough Bugs Bunny as a child.