Tuesday, April 23, 2013


MAX: April 2013.  Max lies. Not little "white lies", HUGE, out-of-this-world lies. Yesterday he told his brother that their mum and dad had moved and left no forwarding address for them and they were now orphans. Two weeks ago he had the entire sock monkey community believing they were all allergic to bananas because yellow makes you break out in hives. I actually caught him looking up NASA's e-mail address with intentions of sending them a note about alien's living in my laundry room under the stairs. It never ends with Max and every lie seems to be bigger and better than the next. Whomever is the lucky recipient of this sock monkey better be ready for the CIA knocking down your door....
ANDREW: April 2013. Andrew is Max's brother. Not only did he believe what Max said about his parents moving and not leaving an address, he called Social Services and the Police and had them arrested for neglect. The fact that they were buying groceries and treats for their offspring at the local store when they were arrested was passed over until Max finally fessed up. Andrew is now in therapy. Max is in "juvie".

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


MOM, ARNIE & HIROKI: April 2013.
These three sock monkeys have all been built for different people and charities. 
Mom is a donation to the Catholic Women's League for their annual Mother's Day draw. It will be in a basket with other local artisan's donations and the draw will of course be on Mothers day. So, buy tickets and you could be the happy owner of "Mom" the Sock Monkey!
Arnie is rather special. If any of you watch "Ice Pilots" you will recall a cast member - a mechanic - named Arnie. Arnie was very sick and recently passed away. While he was so sick, one of the Buffalo crew wore the bumblebee socks every day as good luck for him. She also gave them to Jamie, who is Justin's partner (a Buffalo pilot) as she was expecting their child and overdue, to wear for good luck. Well, Jamie had a little boy (Nial) and brought the socks to me to turn into a sock monkey. Let me tell you, these were a well worn pair of socks BUT, turned out just fine as a Sock Monkey. I saw Jamie today at one of my programs and she said that Arnie the sock monkey was a hit with the Buffalo crew and brought tears to a few eyes. I am honored to have made this monkey in memory of a wonderful man.
Hiroki was created for a friend of mine who's daughter befriended a student who was here for a year from Japan. They went to school together in Lethbridge and became good friends. As a matter of fact, she brought him north for a visit and a chance to explore North of 60 in the Canadian north. He is now back in Japan and this Sock Monkey will travel there to live with him. Cool!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


EASTWOOD: April 2013. Yup, you guessed it. Eastwood is named for the one and only "Clint Eastwood". Why? Check out his fancy pattern. When I saw the socks, it reminded me of a poncho Clint Eastwood wore in one of his movies "A Fistful of Dollars". Actually, only the upper part of his poncho is patterned. Nonetheless, that's what these socks reminded me of and that's what he's named. I seriously should make him a poncho and a holster with a toy gun, but hey! It's not like me to promote guns among sock monkeys. That would just end badly.
CALAH: April 2013. This sock monkey is from a pair of socks my daughter brought for me. In case you didn't notice, they have hamburgers all over them. The story goes: one lunch hour, she and her friend Calah were having lunch together and every time something was said, Calah had a somewhat bitchy reply. After a few of these "replies", my daughter asked her if the burger she was eating was a "Bitch burger". ANYWAY, Calah just had a birthday and I made the sock monkey for my daughter to give to her for her birthday. The sock monkey is fondly known as "Calah the Bitch Burger". Gotta love those themed sock monkeys!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


EVIE, BUNNI & EMELINE: March 2013. These three lovely sock monkey's were for Easter this year. As you can see, they all depict an Easter theme of sorts on their bodies. One has chicks, one has bunnies and one has eggs. Now, I get the whole bunny, chick, egg thing and how they all symbolize "re-birth" and that's what Easter is about. However, I have not been able to find a pair of socks that has a cross on them or the sign of the fish which of course depicts the Christian faith - which of course is the REAL reason behind Easter! Not friggen bunnies, chicks and eggs or chocolate, candy and egg hunts. SO, if by any chance, you happen to find some socks with anything remotely "Christian" on them, tie down whoever is wearing them and steal them for me!
Author's note: Okay, that wasn't very "Christian" of me was it? PLEASE remember, this blog is for fun and a place for me to vent. I hope NEVER to offend anyone at any time - please forgive me if I do.