Friday, December 28, 2012


DUCKIE, POWEL & FLOSSIE: December 2012. These three sock monkeys are homeless and living in an old refrigerator down by the local fish plant where they dine on banana peel and fish tail soup. Surprisingly, they are quite happy and comfortable. If you were to try and remove them from their current situation, you will have a fight on your hands. Each one of them depends on the other for their survival and would not do well without one another. Duckie is a scavenger, Powell is a nurturer and Flossie is the ever present optimist they need to continue living. You can sometimes see them at lunch hour when they play instruments and sing for some loose change by the arena. Throw them a loonie or two and you will make their day. Actually, if you just sing and dance along with them that would make their day too. We love Duckie, Powell and Flossie!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


TURQ: December 2012. Turq has wanted to be a firefighter for as long as I can remember. He will watch any show that happens to be about fire. At one point I caught him trying to light my box of socks on fire just so he could try and put them all out. We decided to send him to fire school after that incident and have been impressed with his knowledge about the world of fires. Unfortunately for Turq, he's too small and highly flammable so being a firefighter shall remain a dream for him. Starting fires is another story though...
ABUL: December 2012. Abul once caught a flying squirrel in a trap he had originally intended for bats. He was so amazed that there was such a thing as a flying squirrel he took it to the highest hi-rise in town and threw it from the top floor to watch him fly. Of course, we all know that "flying" squirrels are really only "gliding" squirrels and need trees and shorter distances to glide to and fro from. Abul's intentions may have been innocent but, it did not end well for the flying squirrel.
JAZZ: December 2012. NO, Jazz does NOT like jazz music. As a matter of fact, the next person that asks Jazz about jazz music is probably about to see what it's like when a sock monkey goes "postal". Jazz is so tired of people assuming he likes jazz that he has taken to walking around with a "boombox" on his shoulder playing polkas at top volume. If that ain't scary enough for you, go ahead and ask him about jazz music...I dare you.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


NELLIE: Born - December 2012. Nellie is a Laser Tag Referee. This may sound like a lot of fun but, some days can be quite exhausting. Firstly, you have to keep up with all the other Sock Bunnies playing - not an easy task as the disperse into many directions as soon as the game starts. Secondly, you're not allowed to shoot anyone, just ref. How friggin' boring is that? Nellie seems to hold back though and does well at reffing only. We won't mention the many times she trips players or gives away their hiding spots....
LENNON: Born - December 2012. Lennon was not named for John Lennon. As a matter of fact, he absolutely can't stand anything that has to do with the "Beatles" or John Lennon. Actually, I've heard that some witnesses say they saw a Sock Bunny leave the scene where John Lennon was killed. Lennon will deny it though as he insists he wasn't even created back then. Maybe it was an ancestor. Sneaky bunnies....
HAPPY: Born - December 2012. Every time some classroom of kids break out in the song "If You're Happy and You Know It", Happy goes a little nuts. Being as his name is "Happy" he always claps his hands. HOWEVER, as soon as they sing about "Sad, Mad & All Three", he goes crazy trying to find these other Sock Bunnies so they can all join in the song. We all know they don't exist but have fun watching Happy look for non-existent Sock Bunnies. The irony is, when he can't find them, he turns into "Sad & Mad".... That's funny stuff!