Sunday, February 13, 2011


Harold - NOT a sock monkey. Harold is a Sock Goblin. Harold was my life saver this weekend as I had one of those weekends I like to call "the weekend from hell!" Aside from stopping myself from leaving my teenage sons on the side of the road in some remote area and driving off, or better yet, checking in to how much they're worth on the black market, the weekend ended on a relatively sane note.(I just KNOW someone is going to read the above and report me to social services...) However folks, Harold came along and believe it or not, all my diabolical plans for my sons seemed to disappear as I was creating him. There's something rather therapeutic about sitting in my room, away from the craziness of my household and coming up with yet another Sock critter. Harold just happened, Harold made me smile, Harold made the issue with my two boys become a matter to be dealt with once I was in a calmer frame of mind. Thank you Harold!

Author's note: I LOVE my sons - I do! Like most semi-normal parents though, I have moments of "I didn't fricken' sign up for this crap!" The difference between losing it and keeping sane is knowing when to step back and take the time to get to a calmer frame of mind... I think my boys should thank Harold too...


  1. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE Harold!
    So, after I get off the phone with Social Services, I would like to order a clone of Harold.

  2. Oh no.... are you telling me that boys don't get easier with age? I keep threatening to feed my two to the wolves!

    Love your sock monkey's!