Monday, February 27, 2012


OASIS: Born - February 2012. Oasis doesn't actually understand the meaning behind her name. She lives by a giant body of water (which happens to be the 10th largest body of freshwater in the world) and doesn't get the whole idea of "desert" as ice and snow cover her home 7 1/2 months of the year. Why name her Oasis then? An oasis is typically an isolated area of vegetation surrounding a spring or water source which, in the desert, can be a life saving place. I think Oasis (the sock monkey) can be lifesaving as well - depending on who she ends up with and their set of circumstances. We love Oasis.
GYPSY: Born - February 2012. Gypsy is a traveller. He never stays in one place very long and loves to explore new places. He is colorful, cheery, full of life and rather eccentric at times. It's not surprising that due to his lifestyle, his best friend is Oasis. These two compliment each other well and have many adventures together. They will be co-authoring a book in the near future titled "The Oasis of A Gypsy" which will compromise of mostly pencil stick figure drawings... Gotta love these two and their enthusiasm for life.

Friday, February 24, 2012


GEM: Born - February 2012. Gem is the original author of the nursery rhyme we all know today as "Mary had A Little Lamb". How is that possible you might ask? Her ancestry comes from a long line of poets and Gem is just her ancestors re-born SO, technically, she wrote it. Her great, great, great, great grandmother's first version was about a "little armadillo" but that didn't go over too well as no  one knew what the hell an armadillo was. It was changed to a "little toad" then a "little giraffe" until "little lamb" was finally settled on. Talk about the people you gotta please just to write a stinkin' nursery rhyme!
GUS: Born - February 2012. Gus rides the bus.  That's all I got - my attempt at a nursery rhyme. I'll finish it one day...
GIDGET: Born - February 2012. Gidget likes to fidget with her digits next to a midget..... not bad. Think about it. I probably used the only words in the English language that rhyme with Gidget and put it all in one sentence. needs work BUT, it's a little better than "Gus rides the bus" don't ya think?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


DRACO, FERGIE, CORVUS & VLADIMIR: Born - February 2012. These four amazing Sock Monkeys are all siblings - born from the same package of socks I picked up at Extra Foods. So, here's the thing about these four lovely siblings. They all have "Anemophobia" which is, the "fear of wind". How all four of them managed to have this fear is a mystery to me BUT, there you have it, all Anemophobiacs. This of course plays havoc with them when they try to swing from the chandeliers or just move from one place to another. One gust of wind - monkey made or weather made - and the four go into seizures. Don't even get me started when one of them farts - it's a freakin nightmare!! Not only are they having seizures, but they're farting at the same time (and by this time, uncontrollably) and it STINKS!! Once you get them to hold still and not move so they don't create wind, they tend to calm down and aside form the rotten smell, you'd never know they were all in seizures moments ago.
ANYWAY, I tend to keep the four taped down to the desk so there's very little movement. Amazing what duct tape can do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


ELOI: Born - February 2012. Eloi used to be a teacher at the local elementary school for years. He was especially good at teaching young kids how to hang from chandeliers and most light fixtures. This was all fine and dandy until one afternoon when a grade 1 student got caught in the chandelier by her pigtails and had to be cut out in order to get down. No biggy you think BUT, her parents flipped out when they heard her hair had been cut and in the aftermath of it all, Eloi lost his job. Now he doesn't teach anything. A waste of a great mind if you ask me.
CHEE-CHEE: Born - February 2012. Chee-Chee has a collection of plugs. He's been around the world a few times collecting all the different plug-ins he can find and displays them in his den. His most prized one is worth $17.00 at the local pawn shop. It comes from Egypt and is missing a prong - not by accident, but the manufacturer actually missed a prong! Chee-Chee was so excited when he found this he took it to the local Newspaper for what he thought should be a headlining story. He was laughed out of the building and told to go "plug' the story elsewhere. Chee-Chee still collects plugs but doesn't get too excited about his finds anymore...