Thursday, February 3, 2011


MARSHMELLOW, BRADLEY & MR. BUBBLES:  Born - February 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively.  Welcome to the life of an Albino Sock Monkey! These three monkeys hail from Spruce Grove, Alberta where they live on a quiet acreage and grow lavender for their homemade Pot Pouri business.
Being an Albino Sock Monkey is not always easy and they do have to be careful around people with shiny bald heads, lots of bling and can't go anywhere near tanning beds.
On an average day, these three monkeys can harvest a lavender field the size of a football stadium, in just under an hour. Fast little monkeys aren't they? You can check out their line of Pot Pouri products on their website, . Happy shopping!

Author's note: Okay, once again the website is made up, don't go there....I did. So, unless you want to find out "what that smelly stuff is under your toe nails", don't look it up. Wait though, if  you have smelly stuff under your toe nails, you should probably check it out.....seriously.

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