Friday, August 5, 2011


ZEIGLER: Born - August 1st. Zeigler (pronounced zay-glur), was recently in Japan working on a new computer component for his tiny fleet of robot beetles. This Sock Monkey is a genius when it comes to robotics and has worked on some of the world's top robot projects. Right now though, his main focus is getting his beetle fleet up and running so he can mass produce and sell to the highest bidder. What's so special about the beetles? No one knows BUT, if Zeigler is creating them, you'd better believe they are worth the bidding war....
HAPPI: Born - August 2nd. Happi is pretty much happy all the time. With that many smiley faces all over her body, she doesn't have time for frowning! Everyone LOVES Happi. She walks in the room and lights up the place with her "happy" personality and beautiful smile. See - you're smiling just thinking about her!
HELEN: Born - August 3rd. Helen is named after Mt. Saint Helens in Washington. This pair of socks was given to me by a friend who happened to vacation there, saw these cool socks, bought them and handed them over to me. If you look closely at her, you can see trees, elk and a mountain range on her body. Not to mention the words "MT. SAINT HELENS" written all over them. Great pair of socks to work with and awesome to have some with a name of where they were purchased.

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