Saturday, August 6, 2011


AXEL & WILKINSON: Born - August 4th & 5th.  Both Axel and Wilkinson have been through some very tough times recently. They lost their business, their homes and their families due to a disturbance in the "Banana Force" which as we all know, surrounds all Sock Monkeys at all times. Why it affected these two in particular, we'll never know. The "Banana Force" is not something you question. As a matter of fact, the "Banana Force" has been around longer than any Star Wars "Force" and has guided all Sock Monkeys through their history. Does it do any good? Most Sock Monkeys will tell you yes, but they are the ones who fear disrupting the "Banana Force" and causing problems. Some braver monkeys (like Axel and Wilkinson) will tell you otherwise. Now look where they are. Penniless, homeless and familyless. Don't question the "Banana Force"...ever...

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