Sunday, August 14, 2011


ROMEO: Born - August 12th. Romeo does NOT live up to his name - just want to clarify that. This little monkey is SO afraid of females, he breaks into a cold sweat when one happens to walk by...on the other side of the street. He is not a romantic and love struck monkey and would sooner live in a cave somewhere then have to converse with girl sock monkeys. Fear not though, we here at Sock Monkey headquarters feel it's just a matter of time before the right monkey walks into his life and changes him forever. Hope I'm around to see it....
REGINALD: Born - August 13th. Reginald is into decorating cupcakes. Not just your average "throw some icing on top" cupcakes, BUT, "extreme decorated, over the edge" cupcakes. He has been a guest on 'Cake Boss' and 'The Cupcake Girls' with rave reviews. The only downfall is that he is rather messy when he bakes. Not kidding. The kitchen looks like a bomb went off when he's finished. You can't get upset though because his creations are works of art. Oh yeah, they're pretty yummy too!

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