Sunday, August 14, 2011


NELSON: Born - August 9th. Nelson has a re-occurring nightmare in which he is being chased by Platypuses and Emus. Once they catch him, they tie him to a maypole and proceed to torture him by forcing him to watch them play hour after hour of Parcheesi. Nelson is just a little bit wired when he wakes up...doesn't get much sleep... Poor, tired Nelson.
NYLAN & NEWMAN: Born - August 10th & 11th respectively. Nylan and Newman are Nelson's brothers. They both collect stuffed animals. As a matter of fact, their collections are so vast, they need another room to hold all their stuffies. Can you guess which animals they collect? Well, Emu's and Platypuses of course! No wonder Nelson has nightmares!! Mind you, Nylan and Newman think he needs therapy and once in awhile will lock him in the room with all the stuffies while they sit outside and play Parcheesi.... Gotta love brothers don't ya?

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  1. Jessica, I just love reading and laughing at your blog!