Sunday, July 31, 2011


Elliot retaliating after being bit by one of the Sock Monkeys....

Elliot and the July collection.
This month was a bit of a "rushed" month. I left for holidays on the 15th and only back today. Therefore, I had to have the entire July collection finished BEFORE I about monkey assembly mayhem! Not only have them finished, but tags and pictures done as well -not to mention talking my son Elliot into being the July model, not an easy task... I (being "technically challenged") managed to put them on a "jump drive" so I could blog while I was away - that in itself was a miracle! I would have loved to have been able to do them at my leisure while on holidays, BUT, the airlines only let you have one piece of luggage and under a certain weight - no chance of packing these guys with me! I did get a ton of sock shopping in while I was away though - some cool monkeys coming up!
I am happy to say that I successfully finished in time and blogged whenever I could get to a computer while away. Now it will be a mad dash to get ahead for the month of August. Oh well, no one said this project was going to be an easy one....
Once again, thank you to all who read this blog and all who continually encourage and support me on this project. Keep reading and commenting - we (Sock Monkeys and I) LOVE it!

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