Monday, August 22, 2011


FOSTER: Born - August 20th. Foster recently got a very bad haircut...from his mother. You know the ones. Your bangs NEVER get cut straight and consequently end up shorter and shorter as she cuts until, there's no more to cut (or you'd be bald) SO, she just leaves the front and starts in on the back. The back isn't too bad - at least there's enough hair to hide the bad layers, it's the "over the ears" attempt that leaves you crying... ANYWAY, Foster shaved himself and no longer has hair - as you can see, he's just bald and beautiful. Smart move Foster.
CHASE : Born - August 21st.  Chase got tired of being the one who has to chase everyone in the game of "tag". Seriously. Every time the Sock Monkeys play this game (and to date that is 233 Sock Monkeys), Chase is ALWAYS the first and last one to be "IT". He runs around willy-nilly like and can never seem to run away fast enough when he's finally tagged someone. It's kind of fun to watch though. There's a lot of monkeys running into walls and doors, tripping over each other, falling down the stairs...come to think of it, I generally have to do a lot of repairs on the Sock Monkeys after a game of Tag. Perhaps it's time to think of a different game? Maybe "Monkopoly"....what could possibly go wrong with that?
LANCE: Born -  August 22nd.  Lance has Ants in his pants. Ha, Ha! That's freakin' funny!! That's also it for Lance. Got to find that boy a new pair of pants!! Hee, hee.....

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