Monday, August 29, 2011


WILBUR: Born - August 25th. Wilbur likes to measure things. He usually has a measuring tape wrapped around his neck at all times - it took me 14 bananas to convince him to take it off for the picture... I'm not even sure why he measures things as he never writes down the measurement once he's done and continually measures the same things over and over again. If something appeals to him and he feels it warrants a measurement, he'll stop at nothing to measure it. Interesting obsession....
MYRTLE: Born - August 26th. Myrtle shares the same birthdate as my grandfather (who would be 103 today if he were still with us) and the same hat. Not just any hat, but grandfathers fishing/walking/birding hat that is so worn, you can't tell front to back. Why does Myrtle have the hat? She claimed it as her home. At night she climbs inside and curls up in a ball and goes to sleep. During the day, she hides it away so none of the other Sock Monkeys will damage it. I'm okay with this as I know it's being well taken care of - and I love my grandfathers hat.
KASEY: Born - August 27th. Kasey has palm trees all over his body - not to be mistaken for "marijuana" leaves... Although, I can see how that would happen, I don't see how anyone would think I would make a Sock Monkey out of socks with pot all over them. UNLESS, of course it was for a "Cheech & Chong" movie (which we all love) then of course I would make one!! Who wouldn't? It would be hilarious to watch Cheech and Chong try to smoke it! Okay....maybe not...that would cause problems in the Sock Monkey world and you don't want hundreds of Sock Monkeys coming after you because you smoked one of their family. Not a good scene....
PATCHES: Born - August 28th. Patches tried to hide all of Wilbur's measuring tapes once. Patches ended up in the hospital for weeks with broken bones and black eyes. Patches learned a valuable lesson. Don't mess with someones obsession...ever.

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  1. Well, Delaena and Myrtle will get along well. Most of Delaena's clothes are worn to smithereens and she won't get rid of them. She also has a favorite stuffed duck that is loved to smithereens. Not sure how Myrtle is going to feel about that.