Wednesday, August 31, 2011


RIPPER: Born - August 29th. Ripper is quite the Sock Monkey. He absolutely LOVES to rip things apart - hence the name "Ripper".  One day I caught him in my linen cupboard, ripping apart my sheets and working his way to the pillowcases. I just about ripped him apart when I finally caught him (fast little bugger). So, to make him happy and keep him away from my sheets, I hooked him up with the hospital. Every week he gets to rip apart old sheets and make them into slings which get packaged up and sent to the Army.  Ripper's happy, I'm happy and my sheets are whole.
BICKERMAN: Born - August 30th. Bickerman will sit in front of the television watching hour after hour of "Pingu", his penguin hero. Happy Feet doesn't hold up against Pingu and Bickerman will give you a list of why Pingu is better. Go ahead - argue the point with him and I guarantee you'll lose. Seriously? A tap-dancing penguin compared to Pingu? Hands down, Pingu rules...
VIVEKA: Born - August 31st. A very long time ago, Viveka opened a "wet wipes" shop. That's all she sold. Some were in boxes, some in fancy round containers, some in small packages for a bag or suitcase. All had different scents as well. The most popular ones among the Sock Monkeys were the banana scented ones. They came packaged in a container shaped like a banana. The problems started when the monkey's started eating the banana wet wipes and got sick. Some sued, others just died. Was very tragic. Viveka no longer runs a business. Hey, if you ever need wet wipes though, you know who to call....

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