Thursday, August 25, 2011


ALEXA & ZONDERVAN: Born - August 23rd & 24th respectively. These two sock monkeys wake up early every morning, look out their window and paint the sky they see. Some days are better than others of course as the skyline is constantly changing. These two can paint as quickly as you can snap a picture and one such morning they woke up to see a U.F.O flying by. Yup, not kidding.  They got every last detail of that spaceship before it was clearly out of sight - right down to the little kid alien flipping them "the bird" as he flew by......nice. I've now gotten into the habit of looking out my bedroom window as soon as I wake. You just never know what you might see. So far, it's been ravens and magpies - not very exciting I know BUT, one day it could be a raven or magpie playing tree golf or something exciting like that. Try it some time - you may be pleasantly surprised....

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