Thursday, August 18, 2011


URIAH: Born - August 17th. Uriah used to be a bed-wetter. I really felt sorry for her as she tried every method possible to get her bed-wetting under control. Once, she accidentally put the wrong size battery in the little zapper unit (that gives you a slight shock when it gets wet) and damn near electrocuted herself. We took that away. So, how did she stop in the end? Well, she quit drinking the banana daiquiris before bedtime and lo and behold - she stopped peeing the bed!! Who knew?!
SIGGI: Born - August 18th. Siggi is a huge Wonder Woman fan. He has a little lunchbox with Wonder Woman on it and takes it with him everywhere he goes. Okay, okay, we all know where this is heading....OF COURSE he gets hassled!! I mean really - Wonder Woman? How come they have never made a new movie of her? They've done just about every other cartoon super hero BUT no Wonder Woman. You know why? Cause she's NOT cool! The Bionic Woman could take her in a heart beat! Siggi - get rid of the lunchbox and your life will improve.
WINNIE: Born - August 19th. Winnie is short for Winnifred. Winnie did not want people to call her Fred so she shortened it to Winnie. Personally, I like Fred better BUT, don't tell Winnie that - she bites! Anyway, Winnie works hard at keeping people from knowing her full name. As a matter of fact, someone asked her once if Winnie was short for something and she bit him on his elbow. Not kidding. She was just hanging there and this guys running around screaming "Get it off!! Get it off!" and we're all laughing our butts off. Come to think of it, I wonder if anyone ever helped that guy out? Hmmmmm....

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