Monday, August 8, 2011


CAVANAUGH: Born - August 6th. Cavanaugh used to be a "Sir" at one time until he lost his title. It's a sad story BUT, the gist of it is, he beaked off to the Sock Monkey Queen and she almost had him be-tailed (a very horrible form of cruelty in the Sock Monkey world). However, since he was distantly related to the King, she wasn't allowed to do this and had to settle with taking away his "Sir" title. Just as humiliating if you ask me....
VEGA: Born - August 7th. One of Vega's absolute favourite movies is the 1980 classic sci-fi "Galaxina". This was one of the earliest spoof movies as it was said to be a parody of Star Trek, Star Wars and Alien 2. The best part of the movie is when they're stuck in jail and try to convince Rock Eater to eat the bars so they can escape. Of course he replies with "I'm a rock eater, you want a bar eater, get a bar eater" which to Vega (and me) is so funny it still cracks me - I mean US, up!! Watch it sometime - you'll love it!
POTTER: Born August 8th. Potter is NOT named for Harry Potter. He is named Potter because that's what he does. He pots plants from here to Zimbabwe or is that plants pots? ANYWAY, he loves working with flowers of all kinds and digging in the soil. Sometimes he'll find worms and stir fry them with his bananas for lunch - yummy! Okay, that was a bit off subject HOWEVER, Potter loves to pot plants...or plant get what I'm saying.

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