Thursday, March 31, 2011


March Collection

Alejandro (such a good sport...)
 Another month has come and gone and I am happy to introduce you to my March collection! This month was a little hectic as I travelled for work and Broomball and was away a little over half the month. Actually, being away that long and in different places gave me a chance to gather a number of really funky socks which I am anxious to get started on. Have no fear though, I had my trusty "monkey bag" and every where I went, it went with me, full of monkey pieces. I'm sure the cleaning crew in all the hotels had to wonder what kind of butchering was going on when they came in to clean my room....
All in all, this month puts me at 90 completed monkey's (well, a few more if you count the monsters, trolls & goblins and extras I make for friends).  Only 275 more to go!
Thank you to my faithful readers who comment on my bios - it's good to know someone is out there reading. I truly hope they put a smile on your face for the day. Keep reading, sending in socks and let the monkey mayhem continue!!

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  1. Alex, you missed your calling, you should work on the muppet show..... :)