Saturday, April 2, 2011


Helga - before she steps out on stage....

Helga - bow on and ready to go...

Helga - after her dance, totally exhausted....
Helga is of course another Sock Monster. She is made from some sock odds and ends that came to me in a bag with instructions to do as I please with.  I, not being of sound mind most of the time, took that literally and Helga was created. So, without further ado, here is Helga's story...

Helga was abandoned in a fish bowl and left on the stairs of the local orphanage in a small village on the outskirts of Possum Grape, Arkansas. As the orphanage was full, Helga was given to the nuns who tried their best to raise her as an obedient servant and quiet sock monster. However, much to the nuns dismay, this was not meant to be as every opportunity Helga could get, she would dance. At first, they didn't think much of it until she started crashing into objects and breaking relics around the church. This became a problem and the nuns were forced to send Helga and her beloved fish bowl to the Madam at the local Brothel. From here, her story gets a little "sketchy" and really, who wants to know about what goes on at a Brothel? Well, some of you might want to know but I'm not going to be the one who explains it to you.... ANYWAY, Helga continued to dance and was discovered by the chief choreographer of The Paris School of Ballet while he was hanging with the Madam at the Brothel (he was just visiting...honest). He immediately signed Helga on and taught her everything a young ballerina should know.
Today, you can watch Helga perform anywhere the French Ballet Group happens to be. Quite a success story right? As for Helga's fish bowl, it travels with her and sits on her vanity at each dressing room as a reminder of her humble beginnings.

Author's note: Possum Grape, Arkansas does exist - I'm just that type of person that would know wacky town names (go figure...). Now, whether or not it has an orphanage, nunnery or brothel, I really don't know. All I know is I'm having way too much fun with these bios....


  1. I would like to inquire if Helga teaches ballet? Would she take on a student? I secretly have always thought there was a ballerina inside trying to get out. After reading Helga's bio, I know that it CAN happen. Not because of my inner grace, my desire, my commitment, my drive but because I too have a

    What a great way to start a Sunday morning! Smiling and laughing out loud! Oh my!

  2. Wow can you say Magwai? Did you feed her after midnight???? LOL
    Keep it up J, I never thought you could do one a day, but in the case I am glad im wrong :)