Sunday, March 27, 2011


DUKE & ISAIAH: Born - March 27th & 28th respectively. These two brothers live peacefully in a small cottage on the outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand. Duke and Isaiah have a unique job which they both love and excel at. These two Sock Monkeys spend their work day searching for needles in haystacks. I know what you're thinking. What kind of no brainer job is that and WHO actually searches for needles in haystacks? Let's take a moment and think about Sunday dinner. Your mouth is watering as you've been smelling that New Zealand leg of lamb slow roasting all day.  You've set the table nicely, used good china, invited your family over and you're about to eat. You cut into your piece of lamb, mmmmm....smell the garlic and rosemary. You slather on the gravy or mint jelly, bring it to your mouth and start chewing. All of a sudden you're screaming in pain as something sharp has just cut the inside of your mouth and is about to travel down your throat but gets lodged inside and you start to choke. This causes mixed emotions from your family around the table (some may want you to choke...just saying...) and there's fear in your eyes as you realize you may be taking your last bite of lamb ever! ANYWAY, this all happened because the leg of lamb you've eaten belonged to a live lamb from New Zealand who happened to eat hay from a haystack that unbeknownst to him, had needles in it!! NOW, my point is, all this would not have happened had Duke and Isaiah been on the job and searched that haystack for needles. Any more questions?  I think not.....

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