Saturday, March 26, 2011


MAYA: Born - March 25th. Maya idolized an actress named Catherine Schell, who played "Maya" on the 1970's sci-fi show, "Space 1999". Her character could transform in to all these really cool creatures - usually at a critical point in the show - at which point she'd save someone or help solve a problem. She also had funky dotted eyebrows and weird looking sideburns. While Maya the Sock Monkey can't do any of that, she founded the fan club "Junior Shape Shifters" and has a fantastic website devoted to Catherine Schell (Maya). You can check it out at .
ANGUS: Born - March 26th. Angus is Maya's boyfriend. He doesn't quite understand her fascination with "Space 1999" but will sit through her collection of re-runs for hours just to be with her. He also answers the fan mail from the above mentioned website and writes back to everyone personally. To date that covers about 11 people.... Angus helps with any merchandising and promotional stuff and generally runs the website for Maya. Angus will pretty much do anything to make Maya smile. Now that's love!!
Author's note: Another bogus website BUT if you feel inclined to check it out (like I did), it will take you to "Shapeshifters vs. Junior Jack Lola's Stupid Disco" which, if you take the full 8 minutes and watch it to the end, is a really cool dance song!

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