Thursday, March 24, 2011


NIXON: Born - March 22nd. Nixon is running for President of the United States in the year 2016. He feels his name alone should be all he needs for the Sock Monkey population to rise up and vote him in. Part of Nixon's campaign is to get rid of any taxes associated with importing bananas from all over the world. I think it's a fabulous idea - one can never have too many bananas... Nixon, you have my vote!
PEPPER: Born - March 23rd. Pepper is from the smaller sock monkey species commonly known as "Smallkeys". You've already met a few of his friends in previous bios who are of the same species.  Though they are small in size, don't let that fool you. Pepper is famous for wrestling one of the crocodiles that got out in the "Great Sock Monkey Massacre of '82" and saved many lives that day. He came away with all his parts still intact - we don't talk about what was left of the crocodile....
STANTON: Born - March 24th. Stanton likes to crochet. Not hats, nor scarves or throw blankets, but the cute little doilies you find in old peoples homes. He sits all day on his couch and crochets hundreds of these things in all colors of the rainbow.  Not only does he make them and sell them at craft fairs, but he donates them to Old Folks Homes across Canada. Stanton was raised by his grandmother who loved doilies and had them scattered throughout her house. Hence his love for crocheting doilies.

Author's note: I mean no offense to old people and their love for doilies. I'm sure there are plenty of young people out there who decorate with them as well. Yup, doilies are the newest craze. Hey - you heard it here first....

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