Thursday, March 17, 2011


FRANKLIN: Born - March 16th. Franklin LOVES the children's book series and TV program "Franklin". You know, the one about Franklin the turtle who lives in a house and goes to school with his friends "Bear, Rabbit & Beaver". So here's Franklin's question to me today, "Why are all the animals named after their species except for Franklin? Why isn't he named 'Turtle'?" Good question Franklin. Why isn't he named Turtle? Is this some sort of mind game the author is playing with little kids? Does the author have something against turtles? Are all the bears called 'Bear'? Who writes this stuff?
PAT: Born - March 17th. Pat - NOT short for Patrick or Patricia, just Pat. Born on St. Patricks day, does not mean you have to be a fan of green beer and kissing the Blarney Stone (although, I'm told if you give Pat enough beer he'll kiss any stone you put in front of him). And Leprechauns? Four leaf clovers? What's that all about? No, Pat does not have time for St. Patrick's day malarkey. He does have time for a mean game of Patty-cake though and will more than likely smoke you at it...
CELESTE: Born - March 18th. Celeste lost all her money in a game of Parcheesi against her best friend Luna. It was a long time ago and the one-time best friends have never spoken to each other again. Celeste feels Luna cheated when she sent her 3rd pawn back to home base seventeen times.  Seriously,  seventeen? I think Luna cheated too... Celeste doesn't play board games anymore and just a tip, don't mention Parcheesi around Celeste. We still haven't got the cement galoshes off the last sock monkey who did.

Author's note: If the author of "Franklin" happens to read this, it wasn't me asking the questions and I don't think you can take a Sock Monkey to court... Also, I have absolutely nothing against St. Patricks Day. Pat does.

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