Sunday, March 20, 2011


EPSTEIN: Born - March 19th. Epstein's named for my favourite "Welcome Back Kotter" character. C'mon people! Who didn't love Juan Epstein and his glorious head of hair? Not to mention all those classic notes he would bring in signed by "Epstein's mother". While Epstein the sock monkey doesn't have that crazy hair, he is rather adept at writing notes. As a matter of fact, for a small price (or a banana daiquiri or two), Epstein will write a note for you if needed...
BO: Born - March 20th. Bo is tiny. She has been the brunt of many short jokes but takes it all in stride. Bo's philosophy is that "good things come in small packages." This helps her in situations where she has to crawl into small, dark spaces to help people find lost articles. Anytime something rolls down a vent or gets stuck in a crack, Bo is there to help. She is currently working with the FBI on their lost and found cases and has solved over 172 open files. You'd be surprised how many things fall through the cracks...
HAILEY: Born - March 21st. Hailey is made from a pair of knee high socks and therefore has fabulous long legs. This works to her advantage as she is an excellent basketball player. Hailey dreams of landing a spot with the Harlem Globe Trotters and bringing basketball to small communities all over the world. For now, she works at her job cleaning the tops of refrigerators for short people. Though it's not her dream job, it is rewarding when she walks by the fridge and sees a clean top. You can hire her by calling 1-800-8FR-IDGE.

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