Sunday, March 6, 2011


PHILLIP: Born - March 4th. Phillip is the monkey behind the adjustable spray nozzle on your Windex bottles. Before he came around, every time you sprayed the bottle, the cleaning solution would go everywhere (except where you needed it to go). Now however, with Phillips brilliant invention, you can set it to "jet" or "shower" even "massage" if you wanted. These are important things people and we should applaud the spray nozzle inventor. You rock Phillip!!
BEBE: Born - March 5th. Bebe is yet another small sock monkey donated and named by Kate - my soon to be sister-in-law. I think she takes pleasure in finding small socks for me....Bebe is so cute though how can I complain? She is all cuddled up to Ming in the above picture and loves snuggling with everyone. Seriously! One morning I rolled over in bed and damn near smothered her! How she got up the stairs and into my bed, I'll never know...
MING: Born - March 6th. Ming hails from "Humptulips, Wash." and used to work as a rodeo clown. It wasn't her first choice for work but when you're starving, you'll pretty much do anything for your next banana shake. Ming actually enjoyed the rodeo life and still insists on wearing her old clown outfit now and then. Wearing it to Bridge night at the Old Sock Monkey Home wasn't the wisest thing though. Caused alot of panic attacks among the elderly...folks rocking in the fetal position... Guess clowns aren't overly appreciated.

Author's note: I appreciate clowns. They aren't as creepy as those marionettes. Those are just plain freaky. Kinda cool to watch someone manipulate them and work them in a play, BUT, seriously, they are what nightmares are made of....scary stuff.

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