Friday, March 11, 2011


LEOPOLD: Born - March 7th. Leopold is a world renowned Orchestra Conductor and has decided to try his hand at writing symphonies. His first attempt is an Opera about an Orchestra conductor who falls in love with a Kettle Drum player.  Unfortunately, as most Operas, the ending is quite sad when the Conductor loses control of his baton and it whips across the Orchestra and takes out the Kettle Drummers left eye. Thus ending any chance of a love match...
ENRIQUE: Born - March 8th. Enrique is a Spanish speaking Sock Monkey who rambles on in his language about the "Spanish Inquisition". He insists that his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather's best friend's Uncle's duck, was slaughtered to feed some of the  Monarchy involved in the confiscation of his property. Enrique was told that the duck put up quite a fight before his untimely demise.To this day, Enrique won't eat anything that goes "quack".
BROOKLYN: Born - March 9th. Brooklyn is a young teenager Sock Monkey whom loves her parents, respects them, never argues, always does what she'd told, works hard at school, never complains or makes demands, helps with chores, keeps her room tidy and organized and in general, has a cheerful and sweet disposition that everyone loves. No flaws in this one!

Author's note: I think I was stoned on T3's when I wrote Brooklyn's bio. I was hallucinating and had possibly gone beyond the realms of reality - which of course, in my life, is not a hard thing to do....

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