Tuesday, March 15, 2011


BUNNI: Born - March 13th. Bunni's favourite color is purple. You'd never know it but her house is purple, her car is purple, her high heels are purple, even her stuffing is purple. Of course Bunni is pink and this confuses people when she goes on about the color purple. Most of them tend to walk away after the first half hour but if you stick it out, you'll find Bunni very persuasive and in the end, you're favourite color will be purple too.
AVA: Born - March 14th. Ava is one of the softest Sock Monkeys around and prides herself on the ability to soothe anyone who touches her. As a matter of fact, while visiting the psychiatric ward at the local hospital, Ava was able to calm 90% of the craziest sock monkeys around. The other 10% went a little nuts when they touched her and tried to tear her apart, bit all the orderlies and ran amuck until the Doctors could round them up using electric shock waves. Ava was asked not to visit the psychiatric ward again...
CHOPIN: Born - March 15th. Chopin used to write piano concertos for the Royal Ballet in London and would sit in the Queens box with her Royal Highness. He was paid unbelievable amounts of money for his music and was loved and respected in the high society of London. Chopin decided he had enough and started to write pop songs for groups like Wham, Rockapella and Uh-Huh (just to name a few). Chopin was never given credit for their songs and ended up broke and selling  copies of "Piano for Dummies" from the back of his pick-up truck. Why he has never gone back to Concertos for the Ballet is a mystery to us all....

Author's note: Chopin is a pair of socks my wonderful friend Bev found and handed over to me. They are piano keys and I debated on cutting them up for a monkey or just wearing them around because they're cool.  The monkey won (as you can see) and Chopin came to be. Thanks Bev!


  1. We are absolutely loving your blog!! We are becoming addicts and get the shakes if we don't get our Sock Monkey fix! Thanks Jess for our regular dose of smiles and laughter.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am not even going to show this post to Brooke! She will be horrified that you were going to wear Chopin. Hopefully her piano future is brighter than his too...