Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, there they are folks in all their glory. Count 'em up - 31 sock monkeys and 1 crazy sock monkey "builder".  Not the greatest picture, I had to sit awkwardly so you could see all of them - but they wanted me to join them for the picture - and you don't say no to sock monkeys. They all stopped yapping long enough to snap the picture without some of their mouths open, eyes closed, making bunny ears, you know the routine, every one wants to be a comedian... Zigmund, (who's legs are hanging down next to my head) had just finished telling us the most inappropriate joke - which of course started an uproar of laughter, name calling, punching and accidental "tooting". It took me an hour to get them all calmed down again.
ANYWAY, I have filled my first months quota and am already into February's batch. Hope you have been entertained so far and would love for you to continue reading and checking in to see if I'm still alive under the mountain of monkey parts I have lying around in my room.

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