Wednesday, January 12, 2011


DOTTIE: Born - January 11th. Dottie had a rare case of Sock Monkey Measles which as we all know, can lead to all kinds of polka dot problems. Though it left her with a few side affects - such as never wearing stripes - she doesn't seem to mind the dots and never complains. Good on you Dottie!

ZIGMUND: Born - January 12th. Zigmund was found in a Thrift shop bin for unwanted socks. I have absolutely no idea why someone wouldn't wear him and just discarded him like that. Seriously, look at him. He's so colorful and turned into one cool looking Sock Monkey. I think I may just keep him around...

JIGZ: Born January 13th. Jigz had the misfortune of seeing himself cut and sewn as his eyes were put on before the butchering began. As you can clearly see, his eyes have never recovered from the shock. To this day his left eye twitches when you're not looking.  

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  1. Oh, those darn Monkey Measles! Keep your Cleft chin up Dottie!