Sunday, January 9, 2011


ROSCO: Born - January 8th. Rosco chases mice. Once he catches them, he trains them to jump through flaming hoops for the circus. A lot of the mice don't make it through "basic training" but I hear they're quite tasty flame broiled....yum.

CARLIE: Born January 9th. Carlie wishes to own a bright red mini-van one day and have a career as a Sushi Chef. She is generally a fun natured and very loving Sock Monkey until she has a knife in her hand.... I hear she cooks up a mean casserole though, and thanks Rosco for the "donations..."

PERCY: Born January 10th. Percy is really good at doing absolutely nothing and believes he should have been the next James Bond. He is regularly seen at the Monkey Tail Bar trying to pick up all the female Sock Monkeys, unsuccessfully I might add. Stick to doing nothing Percy...

1 comment:

  1. Pedo-Percy seems more apt :)

    Keep the work going.

    I did see a spelling mistake somewhere but can't find it now so I will let you get away with it - for now ;)