Saturday, January 22, 2011


FRAISER: Born - January 20th. Fraiser lives with his ailing father whom constantly cracks jokes at Fraiser's unusually large forehead. As a matter of fact, when I finished building him, his head area kind of reminded me of Kelsey Grammar from Fraiser...hence the name. So, if you're reading this Mr. Grammar (hey, you never know), please take it as a compliment and don't sue me!!
ARCHIE: Born - January 21st. Archie doesn't like to tell people this BUT, he once owned a Crocodile Petting Zoo who's opening day was also it's closing day. The "Great Sock Monkey Massacre of '82" was not a proud moment for young Archie and his entrepreneurial idea... It was a dark day for Sock Monkeys everywhere...
SYBEL: Born January 22nd. Sybel was the first Sock Monkey to climb the great Mt. Everest and live to tell the tale. She will be publishing her first book "Sybel's Mountain" to be released in early 2012. Sybel will be doing the book signing circuit with a guest appearance on the "Ellen" show and maybe a spot on "60 Minutes". Wait, do they even do 60 Minutes anymore? What a celebrity our Sybel is!

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  1. I think I like Archie's story line the best.

    nice work, cousin.