Thursday, January 20, 2011

"FAMILIA OTEIZA" sock monkeys...

These special sock monkeys were donated by the "Familia Oteiza" and came with names, birthdates and stories for each one. Thank you Daniel, Marissa, Caitlind & Christopher for your contribution. Below is each monkey's bio as sent in.

PENGU - Born: September 30th. Pengu was raised at the North Pole. She loves skating, snow cones and the color pink.
DAITA - Born: February 2nd. Daita is from outer space. He loves cats, painting and watching Star Trek.
SARGE - Born: December 31st. Sarge hails from an army base in Edmonton. Loves potatos, the color green and rock music.
STAR BURST - Born: May 15th. Star Burst is from Duncan, B.C. She loves music, the color orange and candy.
CHARLIE - Born: October 11th. Charlie is from Yellowknife, N.T.  She loves soccer, books and the Star Wars movies.

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