Monday, January 3, 2011


LIZZY: Born - January 2nd.  Lizzy is one of the smallest Sock Monkey's and stands a  whopping 14 inches from head to tail. Though she isn't touchy about her height, you'd be wise not to mention it around her. Lizzy bites.

SUZETTE: Born - January 3rd. Suzette wishes to be a Super Model one day and loves Oh Henry bars dipped in Peanut Butter after every meal. She is also an accomplished paper clip artist and her work can be viewed in Buckingham Palace (the Queen is a HUGE fan...).

BINK: Born - January 4th. Bink lost his shoulders while fighting for his life during the "Great Sock Monkey Massacre of '82". He has been on the shoulder replacement list for a long time  and is seeking a donor. Anyone with an extra set of shoulders lying about, send them in!



  1. I can't wait to send in my socks :D
    Every pair of socks I see that look like winners, I'm totally sending up!