Wednesday, January 19, 2011


BECCA, LOUIS & CHLOE: Born - January 17th, 18th & 19th respectively.  While Becca and Chloe are sisters from B.C., Louis is their adopted baby brother from "Toadsuck, Arkansas".
Louis was found in an old abandoned shoe factory by a traveling St. Bernard whom happened to know Becca and Chloe from a tragic mountaineering experience years ago. He gave the sisters a call and they agreed to take Louis on as their brother(after all, they did "owe" one to the St. Bernard - but that's another story...).
Becca and Chloe earn a wage by cleaning out the lint from my dryer and my husbands belly-button. They sell it on and make enough money to raise Louis and keep him warm and safe at night. What a sweet little family!

Author's note: Hey, the website is just made up. Don't try going there... I did. Unless you want to purchase lint rollers in bulk, take my word for it and save yourself 3 minutes of your life.

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