Sunday, January 16, 2011


LYDIA: Born - January 14th. Lydia will tell you she's distantly related to Rudolph and they share the same large red nose. Lydia will also tell you that pigs fly and Tammy Faye Baker was framed. Don't believe her, she lies....

NIC: Born January 15th. Nic likes to think he's a bit of a "ladies man" and that anything female can't resist his charm. Though he is a nice looking Sock Monkey, he eats only coffee beans and turnips which leaves his breath not too charming - doesn't go over well in the ladies department...

GIDEON: Born January 16th. Gideon once flew over the moon on a giant silver cow, driven by a cat and a fiddle. Hey...wait a minute... isn't that a nursery rhyme? How come Gideon was never mentioned? And what became of the dish and the spoon?

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