Thursday, January 6, 2011


TRIXIE - Born: January 5th.  Trixie used to turn tricks down at the local - OOPS!!! Wrong story!!!! Trixie is a sweet hometown girl and would never do anything that could possibly trash her reputation.... All those stories from the Monkey Tail Bar are just stories.... seriously.... not kidding...

MULLIGAN - Born: January 6th.  Mulligan absolutely loves "So You Think You Can Dance Canada."  Mulligan thinks he can dance and we don't tell him any differently - we still haven't found the last Sock Monkey who laughed. He has yet to find a partner but would love to be the next contestant on the show. Anyone interested? Let me know.

ERNESTINE - Born January 7th.  Ernestine was named for my father Ernie who was bald and kinda looked like Ernestine....weird.  Anyway, she has a pet ferret named Bert (go figure) and he plays dead for her a lot. We think he's actually dead but no one has the heart to tell her. 

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